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Contact Person
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Preferred Phone
Any accounts you would like us to tag or hashtags you would like us to use if we post images of shoot?
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Mailing Address
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If we haven't set an exact date, please write the approximate info: month etc.
What time works best? Don't be afraid to overlap with mealtimes and real-life family stuff. Sometimes those are the most candid and effortless pics to shoot =)
Primary Shoot Address *
Primary Shoot Address
This is where I'll meet up with you to start our photographic adventures!
First/last name and D.O.B. needed for photo release! Just type N/A there are no adults in the shoot.
First/last name and D.O.B. needed for photo release! Just type N/A there are no kids in the shoot.
Should we try and get them in the family photo? *
Favorite song? Preferred nicknames? Dynamics that are unique? Things we love, things we aren't that into? Naptime schedule? Snack schedule? Any special daily activities we want to do our best to capture?


• Sending pics of your home! If we are doing a shoot in your apartment or home, please email me some snapshots (nothing fancy) of the places you hang out most so I can get an idea of what equipment to bring!

• Photo releases! I cannot do the shoot with out these being filled out first. Please fill out the form in it's entirety for each member who is going to be present during the photo shoot. 

Everything can be sent to: info@talismanphoto.com. Thanks in advance and I can't wait for our shoot!!

- Talisman