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I want to come to you, wherever you are! Let's figure out the details =)


Not unlike your favorite rock band, I sometimes go on tour (#merchcomingsoon) and I've got TSA Pre ✔️, baby. Since capturing your family in your own space is essential to the TalismanPHOTO Living philosophy, let me come to you! Travel shoots - and the additional overhead - are arranged on a case-by-case basis, depending on the photo packages, locations and the number of families interested. It's my pleasure to work with each client to find the perfect weekend of shooting.

Here's the breakdown. Think of it as a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure ... 

  • Step 1: What kind of photos do you want?

Decide on the photo package you are interested in and which dates look good.

  • Step 2: Getting me to you!

I'd be happy to fly out on your stockpile of ✈️ miles, or it works best for you. All we need to do is to cover travel and lodging. Here are our options:

Option 1: Client covers travel + lodging
Boom. We have an amazing weekend and I'm basically your personal paparazzi =)

Option 2: Referral Discount
Help spread the word about TalismanPHOTO Living coming to town! If I can book additional shoots for that weekend, I'll be happy to offer you a referral discount. Please note, travel and lodging would still be covered by you.

Option 3: Split the Travel Cost with Other Families
Pimp me out to your friends + family. I can photograph up to 5 families over a long weekend, depending on the photo packages. Then travel cost is split between everyone (huzzah!). Basically, the more shoots we can schedule, the lower the travel cost per family.

Option 4: Homemade pasta. Pay me in homemade pasta

I'm here if you have any questions! Happy to hop on a call or feel free to drop me an email. So excited!