TalismanPHOTO Living

Photoshoot Follow-up


Thank you for such an amazing shoot! I'd appreciate a few minutes of your time to know how to make TalismanPHOTO Living work better for you. I'd like to learn how your family feels about and our shoot and family photography in general. Anonymity is totally cool. However you feel most comfortable answering honestly and frankly. Thank you in advance!

6 Brief Questions
Did you get family photos taken for a specific event, like a birthday or for a specific purpose, like a holiday card? If so, what was the event/purpose?
Word of mouth exclusively? Did you use Google/Yelp/Facebook to read reviews? Or did you follow links from IG/Facebook posts to discover your options?
Even if you don't have experiences for a direct comparison, sharing any way in which you were surprised by our shoot or anything that left a lasting impression would be really helpful. No need to be diplomatic here - honesty is invaluable.
Did you send them to grandma? Make prints? Hang them up? Use them as your Facebook cover photo? Make a meme?